Days 4-5 #MarchMeettheMaker


Day 4   F A V O U R I T E  • T O  M A K E  

I have a tendency to get so wrapped up in the end result that I fail to enjoy the process, however, I am learning to absorb myself in the work itself and not listen to the negative thoughts in my head. This is a close up of a butterfly I recently painted on 12″ vinyl which I actually really enjoyed painting! I discovered a new technique out of my frustration – layering the paint then rubbing off the black – which was fairly fun to do and I liked the result. I liked painting this butterfly so much I painted 4 more in different colours over the next two days!

butterfly crop insta

My absolute favourite NEW thing to make is alcohol ink paintings! I am LOVING these paints and can’t wait to get these into my shop in lots of exciting new different forms 😍

fb rainbow

Day 5  • P H O T O G R A P H Y  

I still struggle with photography massively! I’m such a perfectionist so I’m never happy with my photos! A few years ago I bought myself a decent camera but I’m still not much beyond point and shoot on auto… Only now starting to learn to use it in manual.
Photoshop is a god send for me. I couldn’t live without it! All post production is done in Photoshop and now I have the new version instead of a reeeeeally old one, I can shoot in RAW and edit those instead.

fbStill looking for the perfect lights. Bought a light box on Amazon recently and not too impressed with the results. Think I need to invest in some soft box lights instead, as all the insta photos I love seem to use those.


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