Days 6-7 #MarchMeetTheMaker


Day 6  • W O R K S P A C E  

Yes my workspace/ bedroom/ studio really is this pink and this chaotic!

fb workspace I live and work in my giant pink bedroom, also known as Candyfloss Castle 😂 I chose the colour when I was 20 (18 years ago!!) and have since moved away, then moved back. I love it so much, but living and working in the same room isn’t ideal. All my packaging and frames have spilled over into the spare room and there’s a trail of stuff between the two rooms! One day I’ll have a proper home studio, but until then I’m grateful for this beautiful, colourful space.


Day 7  • R O U T I N E  

My whole life I despised routine, as in my mind it was synonymous with boring/ normal/ lame. Turns out routine is actually good for me 😂 but I still like to rebel when I can.

fb routine

For 8 yrs (on and off) I have tried to start my day with a spiritual reading, writing a gratitude list and often 30 mins of yoga. When I do these things, my days/ weeks/ months are so much better yet I can still fight the necessity (for me) to do them! I literally have to quiet that rebellious teenager inside of me on a daily basis and sometimes it’s just exhausting so I let her win. Thankfully, it usually gets so uncomfortable in my skin that I resume my daily routine and things improve rapidly.

This particular book – Attitudes of Gratitude by M.J. Ryan – pretty much saved my life. It made me look at the world differently and I’ve since bought a copy for at least 15 women I know! 😍

Oh and I love a great decaf coffee in the morning, or as an afternoon break!!


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