“Meet the Maker”


Throughout March I participated in a daily challenge over on instagram -#MarchMeetTheMaker – set up by Joanne Hawker to help small creative businesses connect with each other and show the world a glimpse of their ‘behind the scenes’. Each day there was a different prompt with a different theme to set our photographic imaginations running wild. Thinking up innovative and colourful content each day was definitely a challenging, time-consuming and obsessive, but so much fun!

It was a fantastically creative way to build my brand and ‘meet’ so many other amazing, creative and inspiring women!

Day 1  • M E  •

fb livi

So this is me, Livi Lollipop. Someone once said I needed colour like other people need air, which pretty much sums me up. I love colour and love to create colourful, whimsical art. Whilst living in Berlin in 2010 I started face painting – an idea that literally popped into my head one night when I couldn’t sleep. I bought some giant wings and became a fairy … until a few years of children’s birthday parties every weekend made me want to seek a different direction. I rediscovered my love of painting and so instead decided to focus on art that doesn’t wash off! It’s been a learning process ever since and as I’ve only been painting canvasses for 2-3 yrs I still feel like I’m at the beginning of my journey. I don’t always love painting but I believe we are all granted unique skill sets and it is our responsibility to utilise and develop them. It is my mission to discover how best I can use my skills to be of service to others.

In addition to painting, I also love adventure and great food! My boyfriend and I run a little blog The Naked Koala documenting the hidden gems we find on our travels. I have an incredibly sweet tooth and can pretty much win any sugar eating contest😂

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