Day 8-9 #MarchMeetTheMaker


Day 8 • Flatlay • 

I’m absolutely loving this challenge as it’s inspiring me to be more creative with my photography and jazz up my instagram feed! Not going to lie though – it’s already becoming a little obsessive and the last thing I thought about last night was ‘Flatlay’ and the first thing that popped into my head this morning before I opened my eyes was ‘Flatlay’!! 😂

Today I bought some different colour backgrounds to escape the monotony of white and I’m loving the yellow😍

As most of my canvasses are round, as I paint vinyl records, and most of my paint pots are round, as I use emulsion paint tester pots (!) I figured I’d do something a little different with my flatlay. So here is my usual canvas and my usual paint selection❤💛💚💙💜

colour fb


Day 9 • How it’s made •

I make lots of things so it was hard to pick just one! This is a hand-drawn hand-painted mandala on 12″ vinyl record.
I start by painting the vinyl with thick white primer then once it’s dry, I draw the mandala free hand with a pencil. There’s no planning involved – I just follow where the pencil takes me! Once the mandala is drawn, I use a teeny tiny paint brush by Loew Cornell (now discontinued 😂) to paint each tiny section. It’s a loooong tedious process which takes hours and hours and hours but I love watching it unfold into a kaleidoscopic explosion of colour!

insta mandala 3 copy2

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