Days 10-11 #MarchMeetTheMaker


Day 10  • T I M E • T O • R E L A X • 

It’s pretty hard for me to totally switch off from work and even on my days off I struggle to do zero work/ zero social media…. so when my boyfriend and I go away together I make it my mission to disconnect from work and disconnect my phone. We love to travel and explore and most importantly eat our way round the UK and Europe!! So when we do, I try and relax and focus on enjoying myself. A few days without social media and emails is always bliss 😍 On a day to day basis I relax by watching too much Netflix and wishing my concentration span would allow me to read books more!

insta rainbow


Day 11  • B R A N D I N G • 

This is still a massive work in progress for me! I consider myself at the very start of my artistic ‘journey’ and am still trying to figure out what I love to paint/ what medium to use/ how to brand myself/ who my customers are. My brand if I were to think about it, is to do with COLOUR, joy, vibrancy, escapism, childlike wonder and recovery. ‘Livi Lollipop’ was born as my face painting identity 7 years ago and I decided to retain the name for my artwork brand, as over the last few years I have become her/ she has become me. The name represents for me pure joy, and victory over dark, dark times.
This particular artwork was one of my first true, original pieces! Coco the Poppy Fairy. A few weeks ago I had her made into cards and I truly love them❤

poppy card insta etsy

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