Days 12-13 #MarchMeetTheMaker


Day 12  • P O S T A G E & P A C K A G I N G •

Again, I’m still learning and evolving as I go! It’s pretty hard to package a print in a fancy way so most of my post goes in stiff, brown cardboard envelopes. I always write a little thank you note on an old style brown paper tag, which I just love! and tape it to the packaging with pink sparkly glittery tape!

This week is an exciting week for me, as not only am I hanging my work in a public space, but I am also starting to stock in a new shop! For the shop packaging I wanted something quirky, so decided to splatter my black/ white mountboard. Each print will be packaged with a piece of paint splattered board to protect it from bends and creases, sealed in cellophane and branded with a Livi Lollipop flamingo sticker!😍

fb packagin


Day 13  • W O R K C L O T H E S • 

Truthfully, my work clothes are so ugly that I’ve been motivated into buying some new colourful work clothes! Outside the house I’m all about the colour!! but at home at work I wear layers and layers of black thermals, leggings, tracksuit trousers and fleeces😂😂😂 and can be found hugging my hot water bottle for 9 months a year!! I’m always cold and live in an old Victorian house with gaps in the single-glazed windows and insufficient heating! Underneath these pretty pjs are black leggings, and underneath those enormous bright pink tog socks are two more pairs of socks, one normal one fluffy!! I shall definitely be buying some more pink and patterned house clothes for layering, instead of my horrid black ones ❤

fb work clothes3

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