Days 14-15 #MarchMeetTheMaker


Day 14  • D R E A M S • & •  P L A N S •

This prompt was possibly the most difficult for me as I never plan anything! I think I’m too afraid of things not working out the way I want, so I just muddle through as I go along. Setting myself goals and deadlines actually really stresses me out, as I rarely finish things in the time I think it will take, hence the dream to have more time!! It would be great to learn to manage my time & my expectations better and create a more even life/ work balance, as well as learning to switch off my head from work when I switch off my computer, as I really struggle with this.

There’s a million and one other things that I’d also love to do but ultimately, the dream is to have my own studio at home, somewhere by the sea. I’m a big city girl though, so not sure how this would work!?

dreams ps fb

Day 16  • H E L P E R • 

This is Alex, my helper and real life earth angel 😍 holding a loveheart Earth Angel vinyl that I painted for him a while back 💜 Not only does he run errand after errand for me, get artwork scanned for me, pick up prints for me etc etc but he supports me unwaiveringly in all that I do. He is without doubt my number one cheerleader and continues to motivate and inspire me every day. He listens to all my ideas, talks everything through with me, and grounds me when I’m too high or too low. His patience is astounding. He’s also a song writer and musician (who’s insanely talented – I’m not biased!) so he totally gets me. He understands my frustrations and perfectionism and self-criticism in a way that many can’t. I’m so grateful to have him by my side😍❤

fb earth angel desat

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