Days 18-19 #MarchMeetTheMaker


Day 19  • C A N ‘ T • L I V E • W I T H O U T •

I think there’s quite a few things I can’t live without – photoshop!! my favourite brushes, vinyl records etc etc but this white paint is literally a life saver for me. I •  L O V E • I T! It’s been my mission to find a white paint that is super thick in consistency and with a high opacity. So many whites are too thin and too transparent but this white paint is amazing! I use it to prime my vinyls and I use it whenever I need white for detail and highlights. It has to be Rustins too – cheap versions just don’t work as well. Not the most exciting item but I really don’t know what I’d do without it!

insta paint 6


Day 20  • T O O L S • & • M A T E R I A L S •

My beloved pots of emulsion paint and the magical rainbows they can produce ❤💛💚💙💜 as well as my truly battered paintbrushes! 😂 Really need to look after these better but it’s pretty difficult when I’m using emulsion paint and white primer😐
This morning’s prompt was the perfect excuse to paint some rainbows… now I need to think about what I can paint on top of these! I’m feeling so blocked and uninspired right now. What could I paint on these? 🤔 Suggestions welcome! ❤

insta rainbow2

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