Days 25-26 #MarchMeetTheMaker


Day 25  • B E I N G • A •  M A K E R •  M E A N S . . . .

• Endless to-do lists
• Never being able to switch off from work
• Carving my own path
• Always thinking about what I can create next
• Changing the colour of leaves in photoshop just for fun!
• Living a truly colourful life
• Having a very unreliable income (hoping that will change!)
• Being my own boss
• Being able to take holidays and day trips WHENEVER I LIKE!!
• Being asked to do the most amazing commissions eg. 10 year anniversary gifts and then receiving the most beautiful feedback
• Needing to be self-motivated
• Spending too many days alone in my own head (so I recently started a meet up group for local creatives!)
• And much much more! No doubt I will keep editing this list. 📷 Me

insta tulips2


Day 26  • B O O K S • B L O G S • & • P O D C A S T S 

I used to be a voracious reader and the smell of old books is still one of my favourite smells! However, in this depressingly digital age my concentration span has diminished to that of a gnat and I find it so hard to concentrate on reading an actual book. Having said, I am currently really enjoying @mattzhaig‘s “How to Stop Time” and I’m hoping this will spur me into reading more again.

I also make time every morning to read some spiritual or psychology literature to guide my thinking onto more ‘healthy’ lines – current books on the go are Brene Brown’s “The Gifts of Imperfection” and Kristen Neff’s “Self -Compassion”. Eckhart Tolle is always lurking around somewhere but I have yet to integrate his teachings!

Regarding work-related books/ blogs/ podcasts I don’t read or listen to any! I get my inspiration from instagram and you tube and most recently, meet ups with real people (local creatives & small business owners) that I set up a couple months back to combat my loneliness!

rainbow books insta fin2

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