Alcohol Ink Workshop | Leicester

Alcohol inks

My journey with alcohol inks started just over a year ago and in that time I have been approached several times to do workshops. Always hesitant and afraid to try something new I politely declined and said I wasn’t ready. Fast forward to June 2019 and with a double helping of courage I said yes!

This lovely lady booked in for a 3 hour 1-2-1 session, with the aim of creating some original artwork as a centre piece for her new home. Our session focus was therefore on learning how to use the inks and create multiple pieces, out of which she would select her favourite and have an enlarged print made.

pinterest alcohol ink workshop blue

Prior to the workshop we had discussed her desired colour palette (blues and greys), so I’d stocked up on all the blues (being a purely teal girl myself)! Our colours for the day were Sapphire Blue and Baja Blue (both by Pinata), Stream and Eggplant (both by Ranger), the combination of which was just dreamy!

blog alcohol ink workshop 6

All the blues

With Yupo as our substrate, I demoed the blue inks and how alcohol isopropyl (99.9%) is used to move them around and blend them together, using a straw, an airbrush and a heat gun. My client then had the opportunity to experiment with each of these techniques and decide which one she preferred.

blog alcohol ink workshop 7

Demo – all the blues and an airbrush

My intention was to convey the importance of letting go of control. Alcohol inks can be coerced and maneuvered to a certain extent but ultimately it’s about working with them, not against them. Allowing them to do their thing – without forcefully imposing your will and expectation – is where the magic lies. This is a constant challenge for me and undeniably an accurate metaphor for life!

During the session Anupa made several beautiful pieces in her chosen colour palette, varying the composition slightly each time but embracing the white negative space. Here she is with two of her favourites – I think her smile says it all!

blog alcohol ink workshop 8

We both had a magical morning, not only producing gorgeous artwork with alcohol inks, but connecting through conversation too. For me, it’s so important to create an encouraging environment free from judgement, where my client feels safe and comfortable and able to create freely. Art is about expressing oneself, not what the teacher wants them to express.

Anupa so generously wrote this of our 1-2-1 alcohol ink class:

Today I experienced my first ever art workshop and I couldn’t have chosen a more perfect person to do it with. Livi was great in every way, from our first contact to the workshop itself. The 3 hour session flew by because it felt as though I was creating art with a friend 🙂 Livi supported me to produce some great pieces but she allowed my creativity to shine through with just enough guidance. The alcohol inks were super fun to work with and created some great effects. I would thoroughly recommend a workshop with Livi, you won’t regret it! 

blog alcohol ink workshop 3

My client photographing her own work

This beautiful workshop has undoubtedly lit a fire inside me and I can’t wait to teach more alcohol ink workshops! If you’re interested in learning about alcohol inks and wanting to try a new creative outlet with endless possibilities, please get in touch. My workshops can be taught 1-2-1 or in groups of up to 4 people.

For questions and enquiries, please email ❤

Day 8-9 #MarchMeetTheMaker


Day 8 • Flatlay • 

I’m absolutely loving this challenge as it’s inspiring me to be more creative with my photography and jazz up my instagram feed! Not going to lie though – it’s already becoming a little obsessive and the last thing I thought about last night was ‘Flatlay’ and the first thing that popped into my head this morning before I opened my eyes was ‘Flatlay’!! 😂

Today I bought some different colour backgrounds to escape the monotony of white and I’m loving the yellow😍

As most of my canvasses are round, as I paint vinyl records, and most of my paint pots are round, as I use emulsion paint tester pots (!) I figured I’d do something a little different with my flatlay. So here is my usual canvas and my usual paint selection❤💛💚💙💜

colour fb


Day 9 • How it’s made •

I make lots of things so it was hard to pick just one! This is a hand-drawn hand-painted mandala on 12″ vinyl record.
I start by painting the vinyl with thick white primer then once it’s dry, I draw the mandala free hand with a pencil. There’s no planning involved – I just follow where the pencil takes me! Once the mandala is drawn, I use a teeny tiny paint brush by Loew Cornell (now discontinued 😂) to paint each tiny section. It’s a loooong tedious process which takes hours and hours and hours but I love watching it unfold into a kaleidoscopic explosion of colour!

insta mandala 3 copy2

Day 2-3 #MarchMeetTheMaker


Day 2  •  W H E R E • 

I currently live in Leicester although I’m a born and bred Londoner and London will always have my heart ❤

cactus house collage

I came to uni in Leicester in 1999 and have since moved back to London, lived in Berlin for 3 years, and returned to Leicester in 2012 with the intention of staying a month. 6 yrs later I’m still here! Over time I have grown more and more fond of the city and have made it my mission to discover all the hidden gems and all that is wonderful about it. This photo was taken in the cactus house in the Botanical Gardens – one of my absolute favourite places! A real life secret garden, perfect for peaceful walks with my camera and connecting with nature.


Day 3 • H O W • Y O U • S T A R T E D •  

As a child I loved to draw and so as a teenager, GCSE Art was a no-brainer. Unfortunately my art teacher was a Cruella de Vil type. All the kids in the school  had been taught to paint in an identical style but because I joined the school late, I painted differently. This led to bullying (from the teacher!) and ranking me publicly as the worst in the class. Needless to say I dropped Art asap and concentrated on other more ‘serious’ subjects. Art was no longer an option for me, and as I desperately wanted to become a child psychologist, an academic vocational degree was the route I took.

butterfly art insta

Cut to a few years later and not utilising my Psychology degree I was living in Berlin. I needed to find something else to support myself, in addition to childcare and cleaning, and face painting popped into my head! It kind of snowballed over the next few years and I built a successful face painting business as @livilollipopfairy. 7+ years of children’s birthday parties every weekend, however, made me want to explore different avenues and I eventually grew the courage to start painting on canvasses. Over the last 2-3 yrs I have continued to paint canvasses, vinyl records, sheet music and more, trying to develop my style and my brand. It still feels like early days but I keep persevering.