Days 29-30 #MarchMeetTheMaker


Day 29  • C O M M U N I T Y • 

Until very recently I had no community and worked home alone, day in day out, with no human contact and no social interaction until my boyfriend arrived home in the evenings. I have friends who I meet every few weeks on a 1-2-1 basis but nothing regular. This led me to being extremely isolated and whilst I love my own company in moderation, I knew that this isolation and loneliness was really unhealthy for me. When Alex pointed out what I already knew I felt motivated to reach out and start a brand new meet up group for local creatives and small businesses who also work from home, alone. The response was overwhelming.

This was only 2 months ago but since then we have met most weeks for Tuesday coffees and more recently, coffee/ work/ lunch meet ups where we each bring a portable project and/ or laptop and work side by side for a few hours. This little group has been my saviour, as pre-Christmas I was literally thinking about jacking the whole art thing in as I couldn’t stand to be alone any more! Real face-to-face meet ups with really lovely, creative people have been amazing for me and I can’t wait to see how the group grows and develops.

In addition to the ‘real’ people I’ve met, a whole new bunch of amazing ‘insta’ friends have been introduced to me over the last month during March Meet the Maker, which has been wonderful! I’m realising that a real life and an online community is fundamental for me and I’m so grateful to now have both😍🌈 *Photo illustration adapted from one I did a while back for The Self-Esteem Team*

meetthemaker community


Day 30  • T O P • T I P • A D V I C E 

This advice is totally for myself – stuff I really need to hear every single day!

••• Don’t compare yourself to others – comparison is the thief of joy! I constantly compare my skills and abilities and perceived level of success with other people and I invariably always fall short. I need to focus more on how far I’ve come, not on where I think I ‘should’ be…. and remember I am only ever seeing other peoples’ highlight reels, not their messy ‘behind the scenes’.

••• Social media likes do not define your worth – I can be obsessive with my checking of ‘likes’ and responses to my posts, even though I know in my heart that my worth is not dependent on validation from other people!

••• Keep going – even when it feels like an uphill struggle, remember that perseverance always pays off!

••• Be open to learning, development and growth. It’s inconceivable now how much you will improve and change over the next couple of years. I look back on my work from a short time ago and can’t believe how much better I’ve got!

••• Be grateful – keep on keeping on with the gratitiude lists. They make a big difference!

••• Don’t isolate – even though staying at home for 3 or 4 days straight is massively appealing most of the time, try and get out the house for some fresh air and exercise.

••• Find your people – this is a new one for me. Having just set up a local meet up group for creatives who work alone, I finally see the importance of connecting with other people doing the same as me! The friendship, exchange of ideas and inspiration that have sprung out of this group is amazing and I don’t know how I survived without it!

••• Try and enjoy the process – don’t just focus on the end result and bottom line! When I let go of the results and really focus on what I’m doing, it’s remarkable how much more I enjoy what I’m doing!

insta tips

Days 27-28 #MarchMeetTheMaker


Day 27  • R E C O M M E N D • A • M A K E R •

This was both extremely difficult and extremely fun! The list of makers I’d recommend is endless so for now I’ve chosen four of the most colourful❤💛💚💙💜🌈 – ones that I’ve recently discovered whose posts make me smile so much!

The Dolly Tub lives in a pink cottage and makes vintage flower tiles and goats milk soap. Her page is just magically beautiful and her life pops off the page! Her soaps are top of my next-to-buy list❤

Maryana Volkova makes the most darling dolls and I’m in love with her makes. The pink haired doll in vintage lace dress is my personal favourite. I’m afraid if I bought one I’d have to buy a whole collection 😂

‘The Happy Debbie’ I think is a sister from another mister! Her love of colour and vivid imagination just makes my heart sing. I fell in love with her incredible creation The Wild Nest Studio which is where I’d be hanging out every day, if I lived in Dallas. Rainbow land meets Alice in Wonderland meets a Berlin fleamarket – a magical, fantastical space/ experience that Dallas is super lucky to have ❤

The Paper Rose is a paper genius. She makes exquisite, hyper-realistic flowers out of coloured paper for a unique and remarkable anniversary gift. I love her work!

collage insta

Day 28  • O R G A N I S E D •

*Nearly finished – in progress!* Not surprisingly I am not organised! This is about as organised as I get 😂 My head is cluttered with a chaos of creative ideas, rainbows and often dark thoughts so it’s sometimes a struggle to wade through all that and be organised. To-do lists help massively but time constraints don’t. I live and work out of my bedroom so space is definitely an issue. I’m a bit of a hoarder/ collector and until last week had shelves and shelves and shelves of CDs and DVDS. The contents are now residing in thin plastic sleeves in a couple of shoe boxes, the jewel cases and plastic boxes gone, and I have a shit tonne more space to play with!!🙆 This feels GOOD!! Now I am in the process of tidying all my bits and pieces and sorting out my receipts from the last 3 months. I am definitely trying to be more organised, but I do think chaos lives in my bones. After a tidy up, things literally only stay tidy for a matter of hours, if I’m lucky. As if by magic, I manufacture mess out of nothing!

insta mandala organisation4


Days 6-7 #MarchMeetTheMaker


Day 6  • W O R K S P A C E  

Yes my workspace/ bedroom/ studio really is this pink and this chaotic!

fb workspace I live and work in my giant pink bedroom, also known as Candyfloss Castle 😂 I chose the colour when I was 20 (18 years ago!!) and have since moved away, then moved back. I love it so much, but living and working in the same room isn’t ideal. All my packaging and frames have spilled over into the spare room and there’s a trail of stuff between the two rooms! One day I’ll have a proper home studio, but until then I’m grateful for this beautiful, colourful space.


Day 7  • R O U T I N E  

My whole life I despised routine, as in my mind it was synonymous with boring/ normal/ lame. Turns out routine is actually good for me 😂 but I still like to rebel when I can.

fb routine

For 8 yrs (on and off) I have tried to start my day with a spiritual reading, writing a gratitude list and often 30 mins of yoga. When I do these things, my days/ weeks/ months are so much better yet I can still fight the necessity (for me) to do them! I literally have to quiet that rebellious teenager inside of me on a daily basis and sometimes it’s just exhausting so I let her win. Thankfully, it usually gets so uncomfortable in my skin that I resume my daily routine and things improve rapidly.

This particular book – Attitudes of Gratitude by M.J. Ryan – pretty much saved my life. It made me look at the world differently and I’ve since bought a copy for at least 15 women I know! 😍

Oh and I love a great decaf coffee in the morning, or as an afternoon break!!


“Meet the Maker”


Throughout March I participated in a daily challenge over on instagram -#MarchMeetTheMaker – set up by Joanne Hawker to help small creative businesses connect with each other and show the world a glimpse of their ‘behind the scenes’. Each day there was a different prompt with a different theme to set our photographic imaginations running wild. Thinking up innovative and colourful content each day was definitely a challenging, time-consuming and obsessive, but so much fun!

It was a fantastically creative way to build my brand and ‘meet’ so many other amazing, creative and inspiring women!

Day 1  • M E  •

fb livi

So this is me, Livi Lollipop. Someone once said I needed colour like other people need air, which pretty much sums me up. I love colour and love to create colourful, whimsical art. Whilst living in Berlin in 2010 I started face painting – an idea that literally popped into my head one night when I couldn’t sleep. I bought some giant wings and became a fairy … until a few years of children’s birthday parties every weekend made me want to seek a different direction. I rediscovered my love of painting and so instead decided to focus on art that doesn’t wash off! It’s been a learning process ever since and as I’ve only been painting canvasses for 2-3 yrs I still feel like I’m at the beginning of my journey. I don’t always love painting but I believe we are all granted unique skill sets and it is our responsibility to utilise and develop them. It is my mission to discover how best I can use my skills to be of service to others.

In addition to painting, I also love adventure and great food! My boyfriend and I run a little blog The Naked Koala documenting the hidden gems we find on our travels. I have an incredibly sweet tooth and can pretty much win any sugar eating contest😂